We manage moral dilemmas without compromising the understanding attained by having separate conversations with each interested party.

Property Distribution

Validity of the Will

Lack of Capacity

Undue Influence


Estate Dispute, Contest, or Conflict

An estate dispute, contest, or conflict may arise either following the passing of a relative or acquaintance, commonly referred to as the “decedent,” or while the estate is being decided. It’s possible for family members, beneficiaries, or other close relatives to disagree with the decedent’s decisions or the way their desires were carried out.


What Is Mediation?

An informal and adaptable method of resolving disputes is mediation. The mediator’s job is to assist the parties in reaching a mutually agreeable agreement. The mediator assists both parties in clearly defining the issues, comprehending each other’s positions, and moving toward resolution through joint sessions and separate caucuses with the parties.

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