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We know how to best protect your assets for your beneficiaries when you can no longer do it.

What is The Law Firm of Ross F. Tew?

We are legal experts who are admitted to practice law and who are fully aware of all applicable federal and state legislation pertaining to estates. We can make sure that everything is covered when it comes to how your estate will be evaluated, inventoried, distributed, and taxed after your death.

We Should Work Together If You…

  • Work hard to create the life you wanted and ensure your assets are in the hands of individuals you can trust.
  • Want to ascertain that your children and other dependents are being cared for by a person you can rely on.
  • Got divorced or separated and want your estate to go to a charity you care about instead of your ex-spouse.
  • Understand the importance of planning now and securing an easy life for your loved ones after your death.

Estate planning is not only for retired individuals with substantial wealth. It might be even more crucial in situations such as unexpected death. Imagine that you have the chance to live to 100 years old. By the time you reach the age of 100, you will have seen your loved ones enjoying the possessions you worked so hard to amass, and you would want to ensure that it will always be this way. In such situations, estate planning is important for someone to have peace of mind knowing their wishes are followed even in their absence. Because the future is uncertain, estate planning is necessary.

 Having a specific plan in place that accomplishes your objectives, making things simpler for your loved ones in the future, will give you the peace of mind you deserve.

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