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It is a common misconception that wills are only necessary for those who have accumulated a sizable amount of assets, are older than 65 years, or both. Simply said, this is untrue. Estate planning is for everyone. In fact, if a will were unexpectedly needed, a 40-year-old with a substantial fortune would probably benefit more from having one than an 85-year-old who had the freedom to spend and give away assets while they were still alive. A properly written will is a present to your loved ones that will prevent unnecessary time, stress, and expense in the case of your passing.

The majority of people would benefit from having specialized estate planning records created by a lawyer, but we are aware that the procedure and price can be intimidating. We hope to change that. Making estate planning as effective and convenient as possible is our aim (both for you now, and for your loved ones in the future). Your life is the result of hard work. You deserve the comfort of knowing that you have a tailored plan in place that accomplishes your objectives and will ease the burden on your loved ones in the future. It is an honor for us to guide our clients through the estate planning procedure and assist in putting together documents that minimize potential issues.

Ross F. Tew

Attorney At Law & Founder

A Juris Doctor from Texas A&M University School of Law holding memberships with State Bar of Texas and Tarrant County Probate Bar Association, Ross realized that no two people are the same when it comes to estate planning. Due to this, he adopts a personalized strategy and informs his clients of the best, most current legal solutions.   

As a lawyer who has concentrated on probate matters and estate administration for years, he will use his experience to guide and represent you during the estate administration probate process. 

Marina M. 

All the documents were done and signed in one visits. My husband and I were offered several options in Estate Planning. All our questions were answered with professionalism. 

Sarah A. 

We were very glad to work with Mr. Tew in getting our will established and very pleased with the service he provided. He answered all of our questions and worked with us until we got everything the way we needed it to be. We definitely plan to use him again for future estate planning needs. 

Rebel W. 

Attorney Mr. Tew gave us exactly what we needed and what we asked for and was very professional. It took only a few hours and we were done. I have recommended him to several family and friends already. If you need this service I would highly recommend Mr. Tew. 

Alan L. 

Ross Tew is a terrific estate planning attorney with reasonable rates! He handled our complete Trust, Wills, Powers of Attorney, and more in a professional, timely manner. He took the time to come to our house and fit into our busy schedule and even came to our location for signing papers. He answered all our questions in a way we could understand legal issues and gave us confidence in everything he did. He is not always easy to reach, because he values his family time, but came through for us, even during the holidays. 

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