Estate Planning Services in Arlington, TX

The Law Firm of Ross F. Tew is delighted to offer premium estate planning services for people in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metrople and beyond.

Expert Estate Planning Services in Arlington, TX

Estate planning is a critical process that ensures your assets are distributed according to your wishes after your death. At The Law Firm of Ross F. Tew, we’re dedicated to providing comprehensive and personalized estate planning services to the residents of Arlington, TX. Our expertise in estate law ensures that your estate is protected, and your legacy is preserved for future generations. 

Why Choose The Law Firm of Ross F. Tew in Arlington, TX?

The Law Firm of Ross F. Tew offers expert estate planning services, backed by a deep understanding of federal and state laws. Our personalized approach ensures your unique needs and objectives are met, crafting tailored plans that align with your goals. We provide competitive rates without compromising on professional advice, making top-notch estate planning accessible.

With our meticulous attention to detail, you can rest assured that all your estate planning needs are addressed, and all documents are properly executed, giving you peace of mind and ensuring your legacy is preserved. 

Our Estate Planning Services in Arlington, TX

We offer comprehensive estate planning services designed to meet your unique needs and protect your assets. Our experienced team at The Law Firm of Ross F. Tew will guide you through every step of the process, from creating wills and trusts to minimizing tax liabilities and managing probate.

Whether you’re planning for the future or dealing with immediate estate issues, we provide personalized solutions to ensure your wishes are honored and your loved ones are taken care of. Contact us today to start securing your legacy with a tailored estate plan.

Wills and Trusts

We help create and manage wills to ensure your assets are distributed according to your wishes. Additionally, we establish various types of trusts to protect your assets and provide for your beneficiaries, ensuring their future security. 

Probate Services

We offer assistance with the probate process, ensuring a smooth transition of your estate. Our services include representation in probate court to protect your interests and manage legal complexities efficiently. 

Mediation Services

We provide conflict resolution related to estate matters, helping to avoid costly and time-consuming litigation. Our mediation services ensure disputes are settled amicably, preserving family relationships and estate value. 

Tax Planning and Asset Protection

We develop strategies to minimize tax liabilities and protect your assets for future generations. Our proactive planning ensures your estate is preserved and maximized, benefiting your heirs while complying with tax laws. 

Our Estate Planning Process

Our estate planning process is designed to provide clarity and peace of mind. We start with an initial consultation to understand your goals, then develop a customized plan tailored to your needs. Finally, we prepare and execute all necessary legal documents to ensure your wishes are legally binding and enforceable.

Initial Consultation

We begin by understanding your goals and family structure, gathering detailed information about your assets and liabilities. This comprehensive approach ensures we have a clear picture to create an effective estate plan.  

Customized Plan Development

Using a personal approach, we tailor your estate plan to meet your specific needs and objectives. We ensure compliance with all relevant state and federal laws, providing a robust and legally sound plan. 

Document Preparation and Execution

Our attorney prepares all necessary legal documents, ensuring they are properly executed to guarantee their legality and enforceability. This attention to detail ensures your estate plan is solid and reliable. 

Benefits of Professional Estate Planning

Professional estate planning has many benefits. It offers clarity and control over asset distribution. It also helps avoid confusion and disputes among beneficiaries. Additionally, it can reduce stress by skipping probate for your loved ones.

Also, using legal ways to cut estate taxes ensures that more of your assets are saved. They will then be passed on to your heirs.

It also protects beneficiaries. Estate planning safeguards their inheritance. It ensures they are cared for as you wish.

These benefits provide peace of mind. They keep your legacy safe and your loved ones secure.

Marina M. 

All the documents were done and signed in one visits. My husband and I were offered several options in Estate Planning. All our questions were answered with professionalism. 

Sarah A. 

We were very glad to work with Mr. Tew in getting our will established and very pleased with the service he provided. He answered all of our questions and worked with us until we got everything the way we needed it to be. We definitely plan to use him again for future estate planning needs. 

Rebel W. 

Attorney Mr. Tew gave us exactly what we needed and what we asked for and was very professional. It took only a few hours and we were done. I have recommended him to several family and friends already. If you need this service I would highly recommend Mr. Tew. 

Alan L. 

Ross Tew is a terrific estate planning attorney with reasonable rates! He handled our complete Trust, Wills, Powers of Attorney, and more in a professional, timely manner. He took the time to come to our house and fit into our busy schedule and even came to our location for signing papers. He answered all our questions in a way we could understand legal issues and gave us confidence in everything he did. He is not always easy to reach, because he values his family time, but came through for us, even during the holidays. 

FAQs About Estate Planning in Arlington, TX

Your neighbors got questions. Here are the answers…

What is estate planning?

Estate planning involves making arrangements for the management and disposal of your estate after your death, including creating legal documents like wills and trusts. This process ensures your assets are handled according to your wishes and can help avoid legal complications. 

Why is it important to have a will?

A will ensures that your assets are distributed according to your wishes and can prevent disputes among your heirs. It provides clarity and direction, reducing the potential for conflicts and ensuring that your loved ones are cared for as you intended. 

How can trusts benefit my family?

Trusts can benefit your family by managing and protecting assets, potentially reducing estate taxes, and avoiding probate. They offer a way to provide for your beneficiaries in a controlled manner, ensuring that your assets are used responsibly and according to your wishes. 

What happens if I don't have an estate plan?

Without an estate plan, state laws will determine how your assets are distributed, which may not align with your wishes. This can lead to undesired outcomes and potential conflicts among your heirs, as well as a longer and more costly probate process. 

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